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Excellence is the dedication of your life to a vision only you can see and believe in. The desire for excellence arises from within. It is a dream; driven by ambition, a determination to improve and persevere beyond to make your dream a reality.


Our story started with a dream, an ambition to create a timeless designed leather piece made from exotic leather and precious metal. To create a product of such quality, there can be no compromises. Every detail must be considered, from the construction to the quality of chosen material. More importantly, we believe that to bring the most authentic things to life is through the essence of human hands.

We travelled the world to find renowned tanneries and skilled artisans who dedicated their lives to their craft. Our path has led us to bring together a team of passionate individuals obsessed with their unique skills to bring our dream to reality.

Together, we set forth to create a leather accessory with delicate details, textures, and elements from the natural world. While others may abandon the idea or forgone the quality and details of small leather accessories, our team steadfastly focused on quality finishes in every aspect. Each member forged beyond to break barriers in their craft, from design, development and innovation, to bring each finished product to life. Each piece represents the dedication, value and spirit of our craftsmanship.

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