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We admire proud owners of LAGARTO product(s). We hope this symbol of excellence will give you a lifetime of satisfaction and pleasure. LAGARTO's commitment to customer service is an indispensable element of its service; to repair or restore any LAGARTO masterpiece at any point in time for as long as you own it.

We stand behind every handmade product and pledge this level of service in LAGARTO's Certificate of Authenticity Seal.

Our commitment also extends to our passion for each talented artisan whose gift is their specialty. They are dedicated to their sole responsibility, allowing them to express their most natural form of excellence. We pursue to endow in them regarding LAGARTO’s values, heritage, and being part of our future.

Whether an artisan or representative who cares for a LAGARTO masterpiece must righteously respect the product and its origins, we regard each wallet as extraordinary and individual as its owner.

You have the assurance that all materials are authentic and of the highest quality to endure for years to come.

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