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LAGARTO is obsessed with the natural beauty, complexity and uniqueness of exotic skins. Extraordinary individuals holding equal fascination can appreciate no two pieces are ever alike. Each finished masterpiece leaves an expression of its own individuality.


LAGARTO works with crocodile and ostrich farms worldwide. Particularly in Asia's rural areas, government-owned corporations support operations in strict accordance with CITES' rules and guidelines. The educated local villagers abiding by the farms operate them for a living with ethical respect. These animals also serve as a source of protein as part of their agriculture and lifestyle.


Since CITES, threatened species have rebounded. The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) categorized crocodiles and ostriches as 'least concern'. They are now serving additional benefiting purposes, such as for medical research. 10% of farmed crocodile gets released back to the wild to ensure growing number of species.

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